Stainless Steel Gratings

Stainless steel grilles are suitable for a wide variety of vertical applications such as balustrades and screening, as well as prestigious flooring, where there is a requirement for a superior product, which is bright and attractive with low maintenance costs.  Two different grades are available: AISI 304 for general purpose; AISI 316 and AISI 316L for external use, exposure to harsh substances or marine conditions.

All stainless steel gratings are pickled and electropolished for low surface roughness and maximum corrosion resistance.

Type PL/SS: stainless steel Grades AISI 304 and AISI 316 – pressure locked gratings made exclusively from flat bars. Framed Panels are manufactured to custom sizes.
Mesh sizes (c/c): 25×25, 33×11, 55×11, 33×33, 33×66 and 66×11 mm
Bearing bar: from 20×2 mm to 70×3 mm; transverse bar from 10×2 mm to 10×3 mm

Type EF/SS: stainless steel Grade AISI 304 – electrofused grating made from flat bearing bars and twisted square transverse bars. Panels can be  manufactured in large sizes with a maximum width of 1000mm. The electrofusion process produces a material with complete integrity which allows it to be cut or shaped.
Standard mesh size (c/c): 34×38 mm*
Bearing bar 25×2 mm; transverse bar 4mm dia
*other mesh sizes can be ordered for minimum quantities of 600 sqm

Type-PLS/SS: pressed gratings which are made from either a serrated bearing bar and a plain flat transverse bars or with both bars serrated.
Mesh sizes (c/c): 33×11, 44×11, 55×11 and 66×11 mm
Bearing bar: from 25×2 mm to 40×3 mm; transverse bar from 10×2 mm to 20×4 mm