Stainless steel open mesh floor grating

Stainless Steel Grating at Chelsea Bridge

The new Vista apartments occupy an enviable location, close to Chelsea Bridge and overlooking Battersea Park. The extensive landscaping was given a high priority, appropriate for such a high-end residential project.

Lang+Fulton were approached by the architects to propose the most suitable stainless steel grating for pedestrian use, which would ventilate the structural openings to the underground car park. A grating with a heel proof mesh of 55x11mm was recommended and was designed with support beams and anchor bolts. The stainless steel was pickled and polished.

An additional 31mof mild steel grating in a galvanized finish with a 66x33mm mesh was supplied for an area which was inaccessible to the public.

Products: PL/SS-55×11 & PL-66×33

Architect: Scott Brownrigg

Installation: Maylim