Alto & DemiAlto

The Alto range of pressure-locked gratings is characterised by a rectangular aperture. The process of pressure-locking produces a very high quality material with perfectly formed intersections between the vertical and horizontal flat bars, resulting in the most aesthetic grating for all types of vertical applications.

Alto: made from equal sections of flat bar for an identical appearance from both sides.

DemiAlto: made from flat bars of unequal depth and therefore slightly more economical for larger projects; the standard section of horizontal transverse bar is 10×2 mm.

The flexibility of the manufacturing process can provide gratings to individual specifications of weight, aperture and performance.

Mesh (c/c): Alto-66/DemiAlto-66 (66×132 mm); Alto-55/DemiAlto-55 (55×132 mm); Alto-44/DemiAlto-44 (44×132 mm); Alto-33/DemiAlto-33 (33×132 mm).
Additional mesh sizes are available on request.

A 25×2 mm bearing bar is supplied as standard but alternative sections are available:
25×3; 30×2; 30×3; 30×4; 40×2; 40×3; 40×4; 40×5 and 50×3 up to 70×5 mm.

All panels are made to custom sizes and supplied framed and fully finished, hot-dip galvanized with an optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour.