Manufacturing Processes

Pressure Locking

Pressure-locked gratings are constructed entirely from flat bars by pressing an arrangement of crossbars into notched bearing bars to produce perfectly formed intersections.

Pressed – flat bars of unequal depth
Cross-Pressed – flat bars of equal depth (egg-crate)

Pressure locked louvres are made with an inclined flat bar.

The production method is extremely adaptable and can provide panels in custom sizes to non-standard specifications of weight, aperture and performance. In spite of the high quality and pleasing aesthetic of the product, it is surprisingly economical as the fabrication process allows a panel to be made with little or no wastage. It is therefore often the grating of choice for many types of architectural projects.


Flat bearing bars or profiled louvres are fused with round bars in a single process, combining high-voltage electricity and pressure. The amalgamated metals provide a strong grating in large panel sizes with complete integrity for cutting and shaping.