Italia-Corten is a unique new louvred product made from weathering steel.

It has been designed for wall cladding and screening applications and is manufactured from Corten steel, an alloy which eliminates the need for painting by forming a stable rust-like patina. The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of the weather. The appealing quality is that the steel changes colour. Over the course of time, it changes from russet to sand brown and finally to dark brown.

Italia-Corten/100 provides 100% visual screening; Italia-Corten/80 provides 80% visual screening.

Although Corten as a raw material is more expensive than regular mild steel, the end cost of the manufactured panel is similar, as  it requires no finishing treatments. It therefore has a low environmental impact and is maintenance free for its entire life-cycle.

Special attention must be paid to the drainage of rainwater to prevent staining of surrounding surfaces.