Delta Bin Stores

Pressure-locked louvres from the Delta range have a sharp contemporary appearance; they are particularly robust and therefore extremely suitable for wheelie-bin enclosures

Louvres can be spaced at any interval of 11mm to provide the exact amount of screening/free area to meet particular requirements. Vertical bars are generally spaced at 132mm but this is also variable.

DeltaWing: 40×2 mm horizontal flat bars angled at 45o and 20×2 mm vertical bearing bars for a slightly linear appearance.

DeltaBox: 40×2 mm horizontal flat bars angled at 45o and 30×2 mm vertical bars. The bars intersect at the front edge for a more geometric appearance.

Delta-100: 22mm louvre spacing/100% visual screening
Delta-90: 33mm louvre spacing/90% visual screening
Delta-70: 44mm louvre spacing/70% visual screening
Delta-45: 66mm louvre spacing/45% visual screening