DeltaMax is a new, exceptionally robust, louvre made from 2mm thick steel which has been designed with generous proportions for screening larger areas.

Alternative applications:
• to conceal an underlying surface
• to ventilate a structural opening, with concealed ancillary steelwork
• to provide a self-supporting panel/post system of visual screening

The 110mm deep louvre, which is gently profiled at the leading edge, has a bold appearance and good anti-climb properties. The inclined steel louvre blades are pressure locked to 40x2mm vertical transverse bars at 132mm centres. This manufacturing process creates perfectly formed intersections for a crisp aesthetic.

All panels are made to custom sizes up to 2000x2000mm maximum and framed with a 50x4mm flat bar. Intermediate panels are made without the top and bottom framing bar so that they can be neatly stacked together.  Fixing is achieved by  bolting the panels through the framing bars to steel mullions or T-brackets.

DeltaMax-100: 100% visual screening; 55% free area; weight 35.56 kg/m²
DeltaMax-75: 75% visual screening; 60% free area; weight 27.43 kg/m²