DeltaWing Fencing

DeltaWing is a robust steel louvred fencing system, offering durability and an aesthetic design.  It is manufactured from inclined steel flat bars, which are pressure locked to recessed vertical flat bars.

Composition & Appearance:

The inclined louvres, can be spaced at any increment of 11 mm to provide the required level of visual screening.

DeltaWing-100: 22mm louvre spacing, 100% visual screening
DeltaWing-90: 33mm louvre spacing, 90% visual screening
DeltaWing-70: 44mm louvre spacing, 70% visual screening
DeltaWing-45: 66mm louvre spacing, 45% visual screening

  • Louvre flat bars 40 x 2 mm set at 45 degrees.
  • Vertical flat bars 20 x 2 mm, centred at 132 mm.

DeltaWing fences are manufactured with a horizontal louvred bar as standard but can also be supplied with a vertical louvred bar.

Single leaf, double leaf, pivot, cantilevered or sliding gates are made to match. Optional entry/ exit controls can be supplied for restricted access with automatic activation in the event of fire alarm.

Louvre fences are supplied in accordance with BS 1722-14.

Panels and posts can be supplied galvanized only or galvanized and powder coated to any RAL colour.