Roma-3 has a rectangular aperture and is the most popular type of grating fence for schools, colleges, commercial premises and municipal areas. It is made with a 25x3mm flat bar which provides excellent rigidity and durability.

Mesh (c/c): 62×132 mm
Standard Panel Heights: 620, 1194, 1326, 1458, 1722, 1986, 2118, 2382, 2646, 2910 mm
Standard Panel Width: 1992 mm
RHS Post: 50×3, 60×40, 80×40, 100×50 mm (depending on height)

In addition to the standard panel, a narrow width closing panel will be provided to suit the end of a fence run. An RHS post is supplied as standard; alternative posts include flat bar and CHS. Roma-3 fences can also be customised to feature curved or waved tops, decorative rails and finials, ornamental or laser-cut motifs.

Swing-hinged single or double leaf, bi-folding, pivot and sliding gates are made with Roma-3 infill panels to match.

Panels and posts are supplied hot-dip galvanized with an optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour.

All grating fences are made in compliance with BS 1722-14.