The Torino range represents a totally new concept; the exclusive and unusual arrangement of closely spaced transverse bars generates a uniquely horizontal emphasis within the grating fencing market.

The fence panels are made entirely from flat bars using a pressure-lock process which produces a grating with perfectly formed intersections. This delivers an exceptionally crisp, architectural aesthetic.

Barrier Fencing: the Torino fencing system can be engineered to create a barrier fence. Lang+Fulton collaborate with their Consulting Engineer to design the panels and posts to meet the loading regulations for parapets, station platforms or any location where there is s specific requirement.

There are four standard apertures but panels can also be supplied in either a bespoke or greater mesh sizes. It can therefore provide fencing with surprisingly different properties and characteristics: either for security with a strong, clearly defined structure or for boundary demarcation with an open, transparent appearance.

Torino-11: 132×11 mm (c/c)
Torino-22: 132×22 mm (c/c)
Torino-33: 132×33 mm (c/c)
Torino-44: 132×44 mm (c/c)

Standard Panel Heights: 935, 1199, 1331, 1463, 1727, 1991 mm
Standard Panel Width: 1992 mm
Posts: RHS or Flat Bar

In addition to standard sizes, panels can be ordered to non-standard heights and widths. Taller fence heights are achieved by an arrangement of stacked panels.

Swing-hinged single or double leaf, bi-folding, pivot and sliding gates are made with matching Torino infill panels. Panels and posts are supplied hot-dip galvanized with an optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour.

All grating fences are made in compliance with BS 1722-14.