Italia-100 Fences

Italia-100 is a rigid steel louvred fencing system which offers a high degree of perimeter protection combining 100% visual screening, anti-climb properties and good protection against the rain. The louvre profile is formed from triple flanged 69×1.5 mm flat bars which overlap to provide total screening and a pleasing linear aesthetic. The louvres are secured by electrofusion to 4mm diameter vertical round bars.

Composition & Appearance:

Standard Heights: 967, 1196, 1608, 1545, 1975, 2497*, 2616*, 2937*mm
Standard Widths: 1962 mm
RHS posts: 80×4 and 100×50 mm
* Fence heights greater than 1975 mm are created by seamlessly stacking panels. Heights above 2937 mm are available on request.

Italia-100 panels are manufactured with horizontal louvres as standard. Where vertical louvres are preferred, Italia-100V should be specified. Vertical louvres provide a variable degree of visual screening, depending on the angle of view.

Italia-100V (vertical)
Standard Heights: 930, 1326, 1722, 1965 mm*
Standard Width: 1992 mm
IPE Post: 100×55 mm
* Fence heights up to 2500 mm are available on request