Floor Grating – Safety Grating

Any grating  which will prevent the passage of a 20 mm sphere, can be classified as a safety grating in accordance with BS 4592-0: 2006. Different gratings within the range offer a choice of aesthetic and performance. Alternative sections of bearing bar and transverse bar are available to meet loading/span requirements.

Type PL (pressure locked): pressed gratings manufactured exclusively from flat bars of an unequal depth. Mesh sizes (c/c): 33×11, 44×11, 55×11, 66×11, 22×22, 22×66, 44×22 and 66×22 mm. Bearing bar from 25×2 mm to 150×4 mm; transverse bar from 10×2 mm to 20×4 mm.

Type PLX (pressure locked): a cross pressed grating manufactured from flat bars of an unequal depth, both of which are notched to produce a secure joint to withstand stress.  Mesh size (c/c): 22×66 mm. Bearing bar 30×4 to 150×5 mm; transverse bar from 30×4 mm to 150×6 mm.

Type-PLS (pressure locked): pressed gratings manufactured with serrated transverse bars. Mesh sizes (c/c): 33×11, 44×11, 55×11, 66×11 and 22×22, 22×76 and 22×38 mm with a 10×2 mm transverse bar.  Bearing bar from 25×2 mm to 40×3 mm.

Type-EF (electrofused): manufactured from flat bearing bars and round transverse bars and available in the following apertures: 11×76, 15×76, and 17×76 mm.  Bearing bar from 20×2 to 40×3 mm; transverse bar from Ø3 to Ø5mm.

Type EFS (electrofused): safety gratings with a serrated bearing bar and twisted round bar. Mesh sizes (c/c): 15×76 and 22×76.  Bearing bar 30×3 mm.