DeltaBox Fencing

DeltaBox is a pressure-locked louvre fence with a crisp geometric appearance.

Horizontal Bar: 40×2; Vertical Bar: 30×2
Angle of Inclination: 45°

DeltaBox products complement the DeltaWing range; a deeper bearing bar accentuates the rectangular structure of the material. The 30x2mm vertical bar exactly contains the depth of the angled bar so that the intersections reach the front and back surfaces of the panel creating a distinctive geometric appearance.

Standard Heights: 1270, 1534, 1720, 2028*, 2160*, 2424*, 2688*, 2952*mm
Standard Width: 1721mm
* Panels are stacked for heights greater than 1975mm

DeltaBox-100: total visual screening (100%); effective rain screen
DeltaBox-90: a high degree of visual screening (90%)
DeltaBox-70: partial visual screening (70%)
DeltaBox-45: partial screening (45%)

DeltaBox can be supplied in a galvanized or galvanized and polyester powder coated finish in any RAL colour, or in stainless steel.