Serrated Flooring – Stainless Steel

Type-PLS/SS is a superior anti-slip flooring product which is made from stainless steel. It is a pressed grating manufactured from either a serrated bearing bar and a plain flat transverse bars or with both bars serrated.

Its conformity to hygiene and safety regulations combined with its corrosion resistance makes it a particularly appropriate product for flooring within the pharmaceutical, chemical or food industries. Two different grades are available: AISI 304 for general purpose; AISI 316 and AISI 316L for external use, exposure to harsh substances or marine conditions.

Framed panels are made to custom sizes with alternative sections of bearing/transverse bar to meet different loading/span requirements

All stainless steel gratings are pickled and electropolished for low surface roughness and maximum corrosion resistance.

Mesh sizes (c/c): 33×11, 44×11, 55×11 and 66×11 mm
Bearing bar: from 25×2 mm to 40×3 mm; transverse bar from 10×2 mm to 20×4 mm