Delta Stainless Steel Louvre

The pressure locked range of Delta louvres can be manufactured in stainless steel delivering an exceptional finish for the most prestigious projects.

Composition & Appearance:

The louvres are set at varying centres, depending on the degree of visual screening and privacy required.

DeltaBox/SS-100 and DeltaWing/SS-100
100% visual screening, 60% free area, 22 mm louvre spacing
DeltaBox/SS-90 and DeltaWing/SS-90
90% visual screening, 63% free area, 33 mm louvre spacing
DeltaBox/SS-70 and DeltaWing/SS-90
70% visual screening, 65% free area, 44 mm louvre spacing
DeltaBox/SS-45 and DeltaWing/SS-45
45% visual screening, 66% free area, 66 mm louvre spacing
DeltaBox/SS-34 and DeltaWing/SS-34
34% visual screening, 67% free area, 88mm louvre spacing

Maximum Panel Size: 2000×1200 mm
Bearing Bar: 30×3 mm. This heavier weight of bearing bar is required  in order to create a stable panel.

We offer the following grades of stainless steel:
AISI 304 for general purpose
AISI 316 and AISI 316L are recommended for external use and for exposure to harsh substances or marine conditions.