In “The Architecture of Happiness” Alain de Botton describes how a building should include elements or details that make you happy, usually involving the opportunity for some “wow” factor. Wall cladding STEREO-KINETIC® architecture adds a new dimension to the built environment, in line with an increasing trend toward moving structures.  It’s a new route for architects to take – no longer do buildings have to be rigid and static.

Composition & Appearance:

A STEREO-KINETIC® facade is an articulated cladding system that changes dynamically, made up of freely-moving stainless steel tiles suspended from open mesh grating panels. It creates a strong aesthetic as gusts of wind and passing traffic cause the metal rectangles to ripple in an ever-changing display, a playful rhythm of reflected light.

The system has been uniquely developed using specially designed components to provide a smooth bearing surface and to secure the stainless steel wall cladding tiles.

The STEREO-KINETIC® wall cladding can be installed as a continuous facade or designed in a pattern that can allow the passage of natural daylight to an underlying window opening.

UK Trade Mark Registration No. 3460654.
Patent Application No. 2104672.7


Stereo kinetic Facade from Lang and Fulton on Vimeo.