In “The Architecture of Happiness” Alain de Botton describes how a building should include elements or details that make you happy, usually involving the opportunity for some “wow” factor. Kinetic architecture adds a new dimension to the built environment, in line with an increasing trend towards moving structures.  It’s a new route for architects to take – no longer do buildings have to be rigid and static

A STEREO-KINETIC™ facade is an articulated cladding system which changes dynamically, made up of freely-moving stainless steel tiles suspended from open mesh grating panels. It creates a strong aesthetic as gusts of wind and passing traffic cause the metal rectangles to ripple in an ever-changing display, a playful rhythm of reflected light.

The system has been uniquely developed using specially designed components to provide a smooth bearing surface and to secure the stainless steel tiles.

The STEREO-KINETIC™ cladding can be installed as a continuous facade or designed in a pattern which can allow the passage of natural daylight to an underlying window opening.

Lang+Fulton are the proprietors of UK Trade Mark Registration No. 3460654.

Stereo-kinetic Facade from Lang and Fulton on Vimeo.

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