Perimeter Fences - Lang+Fulton

Lang+Fulton’s perimeter steel grating fences are manufactured in large panel sizes for a contemporary appearance, well suited to the modern built environment. Within the comprehensive range, the alternative apertures offer a subtly different visual aesthetic as well as performance characteristics appropriate to specialist applications.

Premium Range (made entirely from flat bars): Torino, Como, Garda
Standard Range (made with flat bars and round bars): Novara, Roma-3, Roma-4, Palermo, Verona,

Lang+Fulton will collaborate with the architect in the development of a unique design. The integrity of the grating material allows it to be cut and shaped to create curved or waved tops, to be rolled to a radius or to incorporate ornamental motifs and laser cut panels. Other options include feature posts, finials, decorative rails and any RAL colour scheme.