Balcony/Balustrade/Stairs - Lang+Fulton

Pressure-Locked gratings are especially suitable for balcony applications as the neat intersection of the flat bars is particularly suited to residential environments. In spite of the high quality and pleasing aesthetic of the product, it is surprisingly economical as the fabrication allows a panel to be made with little or no wastage. Cross-pressed gratings with equal flat bars provide an identical appearance on both the inside and outside.

Gratings with small apertures are always recommended for residential balconies. Panels are supplied framed to custom-sizes with either bracket fixings or holed for bolting into a secondary framework.

Lang+Fulton will work with the architect to design and supply the secondary steelwork and, in conjunction with their Consulting Engineers, can develop a design to accept horizontal loadings for pedestrian barriers up to a 3m span in accordance with BS EN 1991-1-1.