Piazza-132 is an economical steel grating particularly suitable for plant trellis and green wall; its proven durability is particularly important in establishing a permanent screen.

The strong but relatively light-weight structure of Piazza-132 with its large aperture makes it an ideal product for the support of plants with excellent see-through properties during the initial period as the plants grow. Framed panels can be stacked using an appropriate post to any height.  Once established this will create a ‘green wall’ effect which is increasingly favoured by Planning Departments in reducing the impact of larger developments on the local environment. Panels can also be surface-mounted to support smaller areas of planting.

Mesh Size: 126×132 mm (wxh)
Flat bar: 25×3 mm
Max panel size: 2910×1863 mm (hxw)

In recreational areas, ground level panels made from complementary gratings with a smaller aperture should be considered for public safety to reduce any initial risk of the structure being climbable prior to planting becoming established.

Hot-dip galvanizing with optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour gives an extremely long-lasting, low maintenance finish.