The Micro range is notable for its flat horizontal bearing bar which produces a distinctive lateral aesthetic.

Composition & Appearance: for all vertical applications Lang+Fulton’s electrofused gratings are made from flat bars and attractive plain round bars, rather than the utilitarian twisted square bar which is produced by other manufactures and is more suited to industrial floor grating.

Micro-34 is a popular choice for balustrades. Micro-15 and Micro-25 can also be used effectively for the protection of rooftop plant as the narrow space between the flat bars provides diffused visual screening, particularly when viewed from a lower elevation; the depth of bearing bar determining the degree of screening.

The framed panels are supplied to custom sizes, fully finished with bracket fixings or holed for bolting into a secondary frame-work. Panels can be made to accept the horizontal loadings for pedestrian barriers up to a 3m span (BS EN 1991-1-1).

Micro-34: mesh 34×100 mm; max panel 1543×3000 mm (hxw); bearing bar 25×3 mm
Micro-25: mesh 25×76 mm; max panel 1200×3000 mm (hxw); bearing bar 25×2 mm
Micro-15: mesh 15×76 mm; max panel 1000×3000 mm (hxw); bearing bar 25×2 mm
Alternative sections of bearing bar are available on request.

Panels and secondary steelwork can be supplied hot-dip galvanized only or with an additional powder coating in any RAL colour.