DeltaBox Louvre Screening

DeltaBox is a steel louvred panel system for screening applications, which is notable for its durability and the perfectly formed intersections which form a crisp geometric aesthetic. It is made in a range of specifications, offering a choice of total or partial visual screening with a corresponding level of free area for ventilation.

Framed panels are made to custom-sizes up to 3m2 (e.g. 2000x1500mm) for a wide variety of applications: wall cladding, car park screens, compounds, plant housing, ventilation grilles, balconies and balustrades, wheelie bin stores and brise soleil. The robust steel construction is particularly suitable for ground and street-front locations.

The louvred panel is manufactured from inclined flat bars set at 45o, which are pressure locked to in-line vertical flat bars. The louvres can be spaced at any increment of 11mm to provide the required level of screening/free area to meet particular requirements. Vertical bars are generally spaced at 132mm but this is also variable.

  • DeltaBox-100: 22mm louvre spacing, 100% visual screening, 60% free area
  • DeltaBox-90: 33mm louvre spacing, 90% visual screening, 63% free area
  • DeltaBox-70: 44mm louvre spacing, 70% visual screening, 65% free area
  • DeltaBox-45: 66mm louvre spacing, 45% visual screening, 66% free area
  • DeltaBox-34: 67mm louvre spacing, 34% visual screening, 67% free area

Panels and ancillary steelwork can be supplied galvanized only or galvanized and powder coated to any RAL colour.

DeltaBox products are also available in stainless steel:
DeltaBox Stainless Steel