Serrated Flooring – Industrial

Electrofused anti-slip gratings Type-EFS for industrial applications are made from serrated bearing bars and twisted transverse bars. Framed panels are manufactured to custom-sizes for applications such as walkways, service platforms and escape stairs.

Gratings are supplied with fixing clips to clamp the panel to the support structure.

Panels and support steelwork are supplied hot-dip galvanized.

Safety Gratings (Type-EFS): any grating with an aperture of 22 mm wide or less, which will prevent the passage of a 20 mm sphere, can be classified as a safety grating in accordance with BS 45920: 2006. Type EFS Safety Gratings are available in the following mesh sizes (c/c): 15×76 and 22×76 with a 30×3 mm bearing bar.

General Purpose Gratings (Type-EFS): anti-slip gratings manufactured in the following mesh sizes (c/c): 25×76, 30×50; 30×100; 34×38; 34×76 mm. Bearing bars  vary from 30×3 mm to 40×3 mm.