The Stereo range of gratings is defined by its rectangular aperture: mesh size 62×132 mm (c/c). Framed panels are made to custom-sizes and provide security, natural daylight and ventilation for a wide variety of applications such as wall cladding, car park screens and ventilation grilles.

Stereo-4 is made from a heavy 30×4 mm flat bearing bar and is therefore recommended for an unsupported span of more than 3 metres. The overall size of panel is only limited by the practicalities of on-site handling, up to 4000×1870 mm.

Composition & Appearance: for all vertical applications Lang+Fulton’s electrofused gratings are made from flat bars and attractive plain round bars, rather than the utilitarian twisted square bar which is produced by other manufactures and is more suited to industrial floor grating.

Panels are supplied with bracket fixings or holed for bolting into a secondary frame-work.

Panels and ancillary steelwork can be supplied hot-dip galvanized only or with an additional powder coating in any RAL colour.