Ceiling panels Stretto 11 grating external soffit and fascia cladding Here East news

Stretto-11 grating are used as cladding to create Stunning Facade

Lang+Fulton’s Stretto-11 grating has been used extensively both internally and externally at Here East, the former Olympic Broadcast Centre.  Ceiling and soffit panels made from Stretto-11 grating are used as cladding around the central entrances of the 280-metre length of the building and within the overhead recessed openings.

The contemporary exterior, featuring a glass frontage with digitally printed ceramic frit for solar shading, is punctuated by nine projecting and three recessed balconies These break up the colossal scale of the building and introduce an intense orange accent. In addition to the Stretto-11 cladding panels for the recessed areas, Lang+Fulton supplied decking for the projecting balconies made  from PL-66×11 pressure locked heel-proof grating.

Product: Stretto-11

Architect: Hawkins Brown