Mayfield Park heel proof grating 1 news

Heel-proof grating at Manchester’s new Mayfield Park

Mayfield Park is the first new public park in in the centre of Manchester for over 100 years.

The park has a range of features that respond to the level changes throughout the site such as bridges and projecting platforms. Panels of Lang+Fulton’s heel-proof grating were all made to individual sizes to fit the diverse shapes of the platforms which create social areas for seating and to provide cycle routes and pedestrian walkways across the bridges.

The grating was also chosen to maintain the site’s post-industrial aesthetic.

Mayfield Park has won praise as the standard for future urban park design. The park’s commitment to sustainability, evident in its approach to material use and construction, is particularly noteworthy and shows how these values can be applied to landscape design.

Product: PL-55×11/90×4

Architect: Studio Egret West

Main Contractor: SH Structures