Folkestone steel floor grating 1

Renovated viaduct and swing bridge regeneration of Folkestone harbour

A new walkway along the renovated viaduct and swing bridge is a central feature in the regeneration of Folkestone harbour and provides public access along the old railway line to the Harbour Arm. The £337m redevelopment project of the area will see 1,000 homes, restaurants, shops, sports centres and gardens built on the seafront over the next two decades.

The viaduct is one of Folkestone’s most iconic sites and a due level of care has been taken to respect the listed status of the structure and to preserve and enhance its heritage value. Lang+Fulton’s have supplied the open mesh steel floor grating as the decking material for the swing bridge. The PL-33×11/40×3 heel-proof grating was chosen for its a small aperture which would provide a safe and comfortable surface for pedestrian use.

Client: Folkestone Harbour Company

Consulting Engineer: Buro Happold