DemiAlto 55x110 structural balustrade Bradfield College Greek Theatre 01

Bradfield College Greek Theatre: PL-33x11/50x3

Open mesh steel balustrades, walkways, stairs and an agora now provide a safe and spectacular descent into the arena as part of an ambitious restoration project of the 1890 amphitheatre at Bradfield College. The theatre performs triennial Greek plays and celebrated its re-opening with a gala performance of Antigone in May 2014.

Pressure locked gratings with flat bearing bars and transverse bars were chosen for the flooring and stair treads in order to match the style of the balustrading which was used extensively throughout the project.

Agora Flooring: PL-33×11/50×3
Stair Treads: Pl-33×11/25×2
Balustrade: DemiAlto-55×110/50×5 (bespoke aperture)

Steel Floor Gratings and Balustrades: Lang+Fulton
Architect: Studio Octopi
Main Contractor: Feltham Construction