Ventilation grating screen Micro 34 Ikea 2 banner

Ventilation Screens by Lang+Fulton - Ikea Coventry

The architectural philosophy of Ikea reflects its Scandinavian origins and is expressed as ‘effective and honest use of materials combined with simple and careful detailing’. The new store at Coventry was built using environmentally sustainable building materials. As the first city centre store, it also provides contained parking for 800 cars.

Lang+Fulton supplied the ventilation screens to the ground floor parking which extended to form a barrier to the first level. Micro-34 grating was chosen with a 34x100mm mesh. Panels were custom-sized to continue the aesthetic of the surrounding cladding material and mounted to conform with the horizontal and vertical joints. Over 200m² of screening was supplied in a hot-dip galvanized finish incorporating two emergency exits.

Architect: Capita Ruddle Wilkinson

Main Contractor: Underwood Carpenter

Sub-Contractor: Metclad

Product: Micro-34