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Hampden Park National Stadium

Hampden Park National Stadium is a venue for sporting events and concerts and home to Scotland’s football team. Following the refurbishment of the stadium, new fencing was a necessary requirement in order to host a UEFA Champions League Final.

A Roma-4 grating fence with a 63x132mm aperture and 30x4mm flat bar was chosen for its combination of excellent security and proven durability. The 2600mm high fence was supplied with robust I-section posts to cope with marshalling crowds of spectators and the gates were designed with heavy duty 150mm SHS posts.

The fencing was hot-dip galvanized and polyester powder coated for minimum maintenance with contrasting blue posts, symbolic of Scotland’s national colour.

The contract amounted to over 300 linear metres of fencing and 31 double leaf gates with drop bolts and sliding latches.

Product: Roma-4HS