Roma 3 playground fencing Menstrie Primary School 2 banner

Menstrie Primary School in Scotland

Clackmannanshire is the smallest Council in Scotland but has an ambitious programme to provide more purpose-built Nursery Schools. As a stylish and contemporary alternative to bow-top, Lang+Fulton were asked to supply the boundary fencing for the play areas of the first new schools at Menstrie and Banchory.

A 1200mm high Roma-3 fence system with a 62x132mm aperture was chosen to create a secure and attractive environment for the children. A combination of finishes for the panels and posts was decided upon as an economical solution with a pleasing aesthetic.

As it was important to eliminate any sharp edges which can naturally result from the galvanizing process, the panels were thoroughly checked and fettled before delivery.

Again, with the children’s safety in mind, a circular post was chosen; the 50mm diameter posts were finished with an additional polyester powder coating to add colour to the scheme.

Product Roma-3