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Wren Academy in the London Borough

Wren Academy in the London Borough of Barnet is a secondary school designed by architects Penoyre + Prasad. The school’s specialism is Design and the Built Environment and the idea that the school building itself should instruct, inspired the architectural concept.

The challenge was successfully met within the confines of a limited £23.4 million budget and a restricted urban site, surrounded by suburban villas. Lignacite blocks, exposed steel beams, natural oak and powder-coated aluminium were all used to convey a hint of the industrial, and create the dynamic atmosphere of a grown up, work-place.

Roma-3 fencing and gates in a hot-dip galvanized finish were a natural choice to continue this theme and to complement the clean, modern lines of the campus buildings. 2.4 metre high Roma-3 fencing with two double-leaf gates were installed to secure the 70 metre perimeter boundary to the West.  Additional Roma-3 fencing was used to sub-divide the playground within a richly planted landscape and a simple palette of macadam and resin bound aggregate.

Product: Roma-3