Banner Italia 80 fence louvre Merchants Square Paddington 01

Paddington Basin - St Mary’s Hospital

Paddington Basin is the terminus of one branch of the Grand Junction Canal and is being regenerated as a high-end mixed-use development, branded as Merchant Square, by European Land & Property. A Canal Edge Improvement Plan formed part of the project establishing the basin as a focal point for recreation with two ingenious bridges: the Rolling Bridge and the Fan Bridge.

St Mary’s Hospital is located within this area with an unsightly car park adjacent to the canal. Townshend Landscape Architects in conjunction with Robin Partinton Architect specified an Italia-80 louvre fence as a robust and aesthetic screening solution.

WSP Consulting Engineers designed a new canal wall with a strip footing for the louvre fencing and an adjacent pontoon walkway. 98 metres of Italia-80 were supplied in 10 different heights ranging from 2100mm to 2650mm to ensure a level top line across the uneven ground.

The panels were attached to 80x40mm RHS posts with either base plates or brackets where the proximity of buildings did not allow for ground fixing.

Finish: hot-dip galvanized/polyester powder coat RAL7024Case Study Text