IMG 5638 Stereo kinetic stainless steel wall cladding news

STEREO-KINETIC® Wall creates Distinctive piece of Public Art

A dramatic kinetic wall depicting the river creates a truly distinctive piece of public art for Rochdale at a key entrance point to the town for tram and bus passengers. The vision for Rochdale Riverside was to provide a revitalised and vibrant town centre incorporating a contemporary architectural form and material palette. In this way it was hoped that it would create a destination experience in the regeneration of the shopping centre.

Lang+Fulton fitted the 77,500 stainless steel tiles off-site using a template corresponding to the architects design and supplied their STEREO-KINETIC® panels fully finished with protective, recyclable wrapping for ease of installation.

Product: STEREO-KINETIC® wall cladding

Main Contractor: Willmott Dixon

Installation: Longworth