BMW UK Piazza 132 car park screen banner1

BMW UK’s car park at Farnborough, green wall MSCP screen

A large scale screen at BMW UK’s car park at Farnborough has created a framework for green wall planting. In order to achieve planning approval, the project architect suggested the concept of a steel grating trellis to support climbing plants and effectively hide the building.

The screen was designed with a clearance to avoid marking the high quality finished surface of the concrete and had to have a structure and form which was visually acceptable until it became “green” with planting. The 16m screen required a framework of columns and beams. The columns were set at 7.2m centres to suit the building’s grid and the beams at 4m centres with 3 intermediate 120x12mm vertical bars to support the 3.7mx1.7m panels. The architect wanted a durable open grating and chose Piazza-132 with a 126x132mm mesh.

Product: Piazza-132
Finish: hot-dip galvanized