Banner Stereo kinetic HM wall cladding

Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Edinburgh

The Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Edinburgh has received a radical makeover with a kinetic façade, as part of a major investment to increase footfall by introducing an outstanding aesthetic to enhance the visitor experience. The new STEREO-KINETIC® Wall frontage unifies smaller units which have been combined to create an H&M store.

In their design statement architects, Keppie, said, “The existing building was redolent of an out of town retail centre. The new extension develops a more affirmative relationship with the street, coming out from the shadows of the overhang, providing a new entrance and visual connectivity with the interior.”

The STEREO-KINETIC® Wall facade is made up of hundreds of freely-moving stainless steel tiles which form a dynamic, articulated facade. With gusts of wind or passing traffic, the tiles ripple in an ever-changing display, a playful rhythm of reflected light.

The kinetic artwork has been designed in such a way as to allow the passage of natural daylight through the underlying window openings on the second floor level.

Architect: Keppie Design

Clients: Forth Ports Authority / Resolution Property