Torono 33 barrier grating fence Abbey Wood Station banner 1

Torino-22 engineered as a barrier fence for Crossrail at Abbey Wood Station

Crossrail’s new station at Abbey Wood has been built over the railway tracks where the Elizabeth line terminates.  From above, the building is shaped like a manta ray, its ‘wings’ extending into canopies sheltering staircases either side which swoop down to platform level below.

For the Abbey Wood project, a Torino-22 fence was supplied to guard the edge of the station platform. The fence panels and posts were engineered in conformity with the required standards for a barrier loading.

Lang+Fulton were involved in serveral ares of the project and also supplied:

  • a Torino-11 screen to protect the overhead lines
  • DeltaBox-70 louvred screening panels to secure a storage area
  • a Stretto-11 anti-projectile screen to enclose an external stair access to the station.
  • Stretto-22 panels for the ceiling panels for the entrances and elevated walkways.

Torino-22 barrier fence
Stretto-22 ceiling panels
Torino-11 protective screen
DeltaBox-70 screening louvre