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Corten Louvres used as Cladding and Brise Soleil at Residential Property

The National Policy Planning Framework occasionally approves applications for the building of homes within rural areas which display exceptional design. Fuggles Pocket in Worcestershire met the criteria of a positive aesthetic, by referencing the local Hop kilns, and by emphasizing the use of materials with a low carbon impact.

Key features of the project include the use of Italia Corten steel louvres for multiple purposes:

  1. Sun Screening Solution: Italia/80 Corten steel louvres were employed to provide sun screening for the south-facing glazed façade reducing glare and heat gain within the building.
  2. Cladding: Italia/80 Corten steel louvred panels were chosen as a wall cladding both for durability and for their distinctive weathered appearance. Corten Steel is known for its resistance to corrosion and its ability to develop a rust-like patina over time, which adds to its visual appeal.
  3. Security Grating Screen: Italia/100 Corten steel louvres were also utilized as a security grating screen around the garage area, including sliding door access, maintaining aesthetic consistency with the overall design.

The use of Corten Steel not only offers practical benefits in terms of durability and security but also adds an aesthetic dimension by referencing local Hop kilns and aligning with the focus on materials with a low carbon impact. The award winning project was a successful example of architecture that respects both its rural context and modern sustainability considerations.

Product: Italia Corten

Architect: Warren Benbow Architects
Main Contractor: Ben Davies Design and Build
Photography: ©Lisa Lodwig